Waterfowl, Deer, Dove and Turkey Hunting on Maryland's
Eastern Shore
RHGC Memberships
RHGC provides an exclusive hunting club experience on
Maryland's Eastern Shore that is truly like no other. We
hunt on hand selected properties that offer some of the
best waterfowl, deer, and dove hunting anywhere.
- Limited Number of Memberships Available.
- Unlimited Hunting* during Maryland's Seasons.
- Ample space for every hunter, every day without     
exhausting and over hunting our property.
- 10 to 12 Club Exclusive farms ranging from 250      
to 600 Acres. Totaling over 5,000 acres.
- 38+ Blinds & Pits including shore blinds, pit
blinds, field blinds. Approx. 16' x 5'
- Trophy managed farms.
- All farms have at least one pond and most are       
planted in corn &/or millet.
- Most farms have clover patches, standing corn or
- Well over 10,000 waterfowl decoys including
 GreenHead Gear, Big Foot, V-Boards and                  
- Ladder stands and ground blinds provided.
 Hunters may use their own stands and blinds
- In the 2008 there were 14 Bucks taken that
 were over 120".
- Special Events for Waterfowl Youth Day.

Waterfowl Membership                         $1500

  • Unlimited* waterfowl hunting during all MD
         waterfowl seasons on all RHGC properties.
  • Decoys and Boats – RHGC furnishes ample
         duck and goose decoys for member use.
  • Members are welcome to use their own decoys
         and equipment.
  • Blinds and Pits – RHGC prepares and dresses
         all blinds and pits at the hunting locations.
  • Guests Permitted - Members may bring 1 guest
         per day for a daily fee of $50. Guests must hunt
         in the same blind or pit with the member.
  • Children under age of 18 are free to hunt but
    must be accompanied by a paid adult member at
    all times.
Deer Membership                              $1500

  • Unlimited* whitetail deer hunting during all MD
         deer seasons on all RHGC properties.
  • RHGC furnishes an ample amount of stands on all
    membership properties. Members may choose to
    use their own stands and ground blinds.
  • Children under age of 18 are free but must be
    accompanied by an adult member at all times
  • Guests not permitted.
Combo Membership                       $2800


  • Combo members get all the great benefits of
    deer and waterfowl members, as listed, for a
    discounted price.
*Within Maryland and Federal Game Laws & Bag Limits.

Rock Hall Gunning Club, LLC

5146 Crosby Rd.  Rock Hall, MD 21661